Daruma by Fugai

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Daruma by Fugai

The face of this one reminds me most of the face of the Bodhidharma imprinted on the rock from his cave in Shao-lin.

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Daruma by Fugai

Wild Duck by Li Shan

My painting finally came. It is wild…….a duck smashing into water his feathers flying , to the right, to the left….every which way. If you look at it quickly , you miss it……perfect composition, the still point (his eye) in the midst of flurry. It is totally alive.

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Wild Duck by Li Shan

One thing is for sure, the painter Li Shan was a genius. The painting itself is about 2 feet high by 2 1/2 feet long. It’s a monumental piece….needs lots of empty space around it.

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Ichi by Ishikawa Jozan

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Ichi (One) by Ishikawa Jozan

Ishikawa Jozan, best known for the creation of the beautiful garden villa of Shisendo outside Kyoto, was also a master of calligraphy, among other things. He is mentioned in Hakuin’s autobiography Wild Ivy as a student of the Taoist who taught Hakuin a powerful method of healing.


One by Ishikawa Jozan

Sawaki Kodo

Who says my mind is like the autumn moon?

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Enso by Sawaki Kodo

Notes: This Sawaki Kodo Enso is masterful. I opened it and put it on the wall……welcoming its spirit with incense and fell right into meditation. It’s one of those pieces having seen, you feel happy you are  collecting pieces. A real zen masterpiece…

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Not One Thing – Soen


Master Nakagawa Soen

Enso. A circle reveals its own meaning…
Perfection, completeness, a roundness of form.
It also delineates inside from outside, and binds space
within its boundaries, where opposites can play
…and life can find a meaning.

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