Seeing Zen

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Seeing Zne

Ikkyu – Self-Appraisal

Ikkyu – Self-Appraisal


Rinzai’s descendants do not know Zen.

In front of Crazy Cloud, who dares to explain Zen?

For thirty years, on my shoulders I have carried

The weight of Shogen’s Red Thread Zen.

Accompanying Calligraphy

I am teaching you the gateway to essential Zen. Zen is endlessly discussed with empty phrases and pretentious words; all that effort goes on and on missing the mark…

Former Abbot of Murasakino Daitoku Zen Temple, Jun Ikkyu, world’s number one venerable priest.



The One True Taste of Tea – Rikyu


I share a sip of tea together with the spring wind and 10,000 peaks;

Then with my arms folded in my sleeves I contently stroll along the riverbank.

The One True Taste of Tea – Sen No Rikyu - Rikyu


Sen No Rikyu (1522 – April 21, 1591) based his calligraphy on the original two verses from a poem by Kaiseki (Chieh-shih), a Zen Master of the late Sung. The complete original poem goes:

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Namu Amida Butsu

Namo Amida Butso, by Shinran, (May 21, 1173 – January 16, 1263)

Founder of Jōdo Shinshū Pure Land sect of Buddhism.


Tea Bowl by Onisaburo

God and man in harmony

With boundless compassion

Form an irresistible power.

Composed by Oni

Chawan by Onisaburo

Onisaburo Deguchi, 1871-1948, teacher of aikido founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Chawan by Onisaburo

Onisaburo Chawan Hakogaki